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Särkänniemi is open!

Step into joy! Särkänniemi is now open! The summer of joy brings many events, music, laughter, amusement rides, tasty treats, enjoying time together – and a lot more! Särkänniemi is open for the weekend 30.4.–1.5. and every day from 7.5. for the whole summer!

New attraction: Oasis water experience cools you down on a hot summer day

Besides the two already excising water rides, a new water experience Oasis will open in June 2022 at Särkänniemi.

Step into joy in the summer of events at Särkänniemi!

Tickets on sale now! Särkänniemi's summer is full of joy, laughter and events. Get to know the events and get your tickets or reserve your spot now. There is only limited space available and the cheapest tickets are sold fast!

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