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NEW FOR SUMMER: Retro – Särkänniemi Arcade

Welcome to the newly opened retro arcade located near the main entrance. No matter rain or shine, the arcade is open! Get your tokens and a cup of hot coffee from Pinball Cafe, and dive into the world of pinball machines and crane games.

Nysse public transportation is included in Särkänniemi Passes purchased for May

The collaboration pilot initiated by Särkänniemi and Nysse at the end of last year continues. The goal of the collaboration is to reduce the carbon footprint of Särkänniemi visit and to attract a larger portion of amusement seekers to Särkänniemi using public transportation. The pilot applies to Särkänniemi Passes purchased from the Särkänniemi online store and tied to a visit date in May at the time of purchase. The benefit applies to both new orders and Särkänniemi Passes purchased earlier for visit dates in May.

Kaksi naista nostaa maljaa Särkänniemen Neula Sky Cafessa.

With Näsinneula Observation Tower Ticket, you get a free coffee, tea, or juice, or a glass of sparkling wine for two euros

To celebrate spring, we offer free coffee, tea, or juice with the Näsinneula Observation Tower Ticket during Neula Sky Cafe's opening hours. Alternatively, you can choose a glass of sparkling wine for the price of 2 €.

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