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Your Event at Särkänniemi

Invite your guests to have fun. We'll create the fun!

Private Park

Private Park

You can reserve the whole amusement park at your disposal!

Creepy Carnival

In October you can experience Särkänniemi's rides in gorgeous neon light colors as darkness falls over Tampere. Creepy Carnival returns once again to provide joy and thrills for your autumn holidays.

Theme Park Event

Theme Park Event

Would you like to have your own event at Särkänniemi Theme Park during the opening hours? It is possible for those who wish to purchase group or business tickets. Book your unforgettable event for next summer!

Seminars and workshops

Särkänniemen planetaariossa heijastetaan kuvaa kattoon.

Private meeting premises

Are you tired of dry workshop days and seminars? Come to Särkänniemi and spend a really fun day in the amusement park in Finland!

Taiteilija maalaa Neula Sky Cafessa

Paint & Party in Neula Sky Cafe

Hello! Do you have an inner Picasso or Rembrandt? Dive into a fun painting event and awaken your artistic side at Neula Sky Cafe! At the Paint & Party event, you'll be guided to create your own masterpiece while enjoying a laid-back atmosphere, creativity-boosting refreshments, and an inspiring setting.

Couple at Swing Carousel ride at Särkänniemi.

Who's the master of joy? Find our with Särkkäskaba!

Sarkkäskaba is a playful way to find out who is the master of joy. In Särkkäkaba, you can complete riding Särkänniemi's rides and playing amusement park games. The wildest rides bring more points than the less wild ones. Are you ready for a spin? If the amusement rides seem too wild, Kanttikisa offers the opportunity to compete only with amusement park games! Särkkäskaba and Kanttikisa can be tailored to the needs of groups starting from 22,90 € per person (minimum 10 people). Also remember the handy drink and meal vouchers! Ask more from Särkänniemi's sales team.