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Särkänniemen myytäviä Pouta Possu -tuotteita.

Särkänniemi's shops

Särkänniemi's shops

Candy Corner

Do you have a bad case of sweet tooth? Don’t worry! There are a lot of sweet treats, candies and lollipops in the Candy Corner nearby Pizza Paparazzi.

Park Shop

Park Shop is located at the edge of Hype Square, area that is especially popular with teenagers. In Park Shop, you can buy cute stuffed animals, Piggy Train themed products and unicorns in all different shapes and sizes.

Iso valkoinen Näsinneula-muki.

Näsinneula Shop

Näsinneula Shop is located in the Näsinneula observation tower building. The shop offers everything from Tampere souvenirs to a wide selection of candy and toys. The shop is open throughout the year, so we welcome you shopping also in the winter.