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Two dog statues sitting in a bench.

Doghill Fairytale Farm

Särkänniemi Theme Park's very own Doghill Fairytale Farm invites visitors to step right into the 19th century fairytale world based on famous Finnish author and illustrator Mauri Kunnas’ works. Doghill Fairytale Farm’s authentic atmosphere, handcrafted wooden buildings, various playgrounds and real Finnish farm animals welcome visitors to experience the olden days with a touch of modern fun!

Things to do in Koiramäki

Vuohi Koiramäen joulussa


Doghill Fairytale Farm is home to almost twenty different species of animals, from familiar Finnish farm animals, such as cows, sheep and chicken, to some more exotic creatures.

Two dog statues sitting in a bench.


At Doghill Fairytale Farm, you can experience in a fun way what it was like in the 19th century Finland! At the Doghill Farmhouse, you can play just like in the olden days or experience the fun in count Drakkula's Castle.

Multiple dog hill stores.

Shops and cafes

Doghill offers various things to shop, for example sweets, books, toys, games and many more Doghill gifts and souvenirs to go home with! Von Guggelböö cafe serves the town's sweetest treats and tastiest savoury pastries.

Upcoming events

Doghill Christmas

During the Christmas season it is time to take a break from working and concentrate on spending time with loved ones. Welcome to Doghill to play, sing, craft and to enjoy delicious treats during the Christmas season of 2021. The program and opening times will be published closer to the event.

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