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Experiences & Food

More Than an Amusement Park

Piggy train

Amusement Park

Särkänniemi has more than 30 rides for every taste! Accelerate, have fun, splash and enjoy the theme park all day long! Do you dare to ride Särkänniemi's fastest and highest roller coaster Hype, or would you rather enjoy the gentle spins of Caramel Carousel?

Lammas kesäisessä Koiramäessä

Doghill Fairytale Farm

Särkänniemi Theme Park's very own Doghill Fairytale Farm invites visitors to step right into the 19th century fairytale world based on famous Finnish author and illustrator Mauri Kunnas’ works. Doghill Fairytale Farm’s authentic atmosphere, handcrafted wooden buildings, various playgrounds and real Finnish farm animals welcome visitors to experience the olden days with a touch of modern fun!

Näsinneula Observation Tower

When you take the lift up to the top of Näsinneula, you can admire the scenery from the second tallest observation tower in the Nordic countries. Moreover, you can get acquainted with the most iconic symbol of Tampere.

Särkänniemi Aquarium


At Särkänniemi Aquarium you can peek under the surface and get to know the wonders of the underwater world – keeping your feet dry. The swimming, crawling and jumping inhabitants of Aquarium are waiting for your visit!

Restaurants, games and shops

Restaurants and kiosks

Hungry? Whether you are a fan of pizza, hamburgers, street food or fine dining, we got you covered! Try also our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. What about after dinner? Satisfy your sweet tooth with the marvelous metre-long liquorice, super slushies and crazy cotton candy. You can also enjoy baked goods and a cup of coffee at our lovely cafés.


Families and teenagers enjoy spending time in Särkänniemi which is a real gamer’s paradise! You can play numerous carnival and arcade games where Lady Luck’s favour and an accurate throwing arm decide the end result. You can test your skills for example by beating moles to your heart’s content in a game of Whack-a-mole or grab a sure prize in String Pull.

Särkänniemi's shops

Visit our shops and find perfect souvenirs and things to buy. The shops present inspiring gifts for kids and grown-ups or you can satisfy your sweet tooth with the colorful candy selection in the shops.