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Last updated 19 October 2020.

Näsinneula Observation Tower, Aquarium and restaurants of Näsinneula are open

Näsinneula and Aquarium are open under safe and responsible conditions. Please see our opening hours.

Safety Instructions

  1. While you can spend time in close proximity to your family members, proper distancing to other guests must be observed. Please allow enough space to the person standing in front of you in the queue and avoid crowded spaces. 
  2. We recommend that customers use face masks or respirators in Särkänniemi.
  3. Places for washing hands and dispensing hand sanitizer have been added to Näsinneula building. Always wash your hands after touching your face, and before and after eating. Our employees ensure proper hygiene by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces multiple times a day. The surfaces most frequently touched by customers are also coated with a photocatalytic coating that destroys viruses and bacteria.
  4. Please only visit Särkänniemi Theme Park in perfect health, and cancel your reservation if you experience any kind of respiratory symptoms. Our employees will also only work in perfect health.

Customer Service

We serve our customers through the e-mail address asiakaspalvelu@sarkanniemi.fi. All messages will be answered in the order they arrive. We seek to reply all messages within a week.

Validity period for all tickets for summer 2020 have been extended

Särkänniemi Theme Park was originally supposed to open on 1.5.2020, but opening was postponed due to the corona virus situation. Särkänniemi Theme Park will open on 13.6. We fully understand the frustration this period has caused to so many people. This is why we want to make buying and using our tickets as convenient as possible.

If you have already bought a ticket for summer 2020, the validity period of tickets have been extended in the following manner:

Passes, Tickets, and Games and Treat Vouchers

Passes, Tickets, and Games and Treat Vouchers are valid during the summer season 2020, the end-of-year season (for example, the Doghill Christmas 2020), and also next year up to 30.6.2021. Our plan is to open the park on 1.5.2021 next summer. This will give you two whole months next year to use your tickets!

Season Cards

All summer 2020 Season Cards are valid until the end of summer 2021, which means that they will also include unlimited visits to all the winter season attractions (Aquarium, Planetarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower) and the end-of-year season 2020 (for example, the Creepy Carnival).

Please note that the Season Card is not valid for the Särkänniemi Happy Hours event or the rides on that day. This event, meant for people 18 years and older, requires a Happy Hours Pass or a Särkänniemi Pass (over 120cm).

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