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Welcome to Piggy Town!

Explore Piggy Town

Särkänniemen Pouta Possu -maskotti.

Rides and playgrounds

There is a lot to do in Piggy Town for all ages! No fewer than eight amusement rides invite you to toboggan, fly and twirl, and in addition, in the middle of Piggy Town there is a large, wonderful playground with quite a few climbing frames.

Särkänniemen Pouta Possu ja taustalla Keinukaruselli.

Citizens and news

Piggy Town is inhabited by its unofficial mayor Pouta Pig and their friends: the curious mail bunny Kajo Rabbit, the brave captain and lighthouse keeper Myrsky Mole, the flying bike deliverer Leimu Bat and the calm farmer Lauha Lamb. All residents have their own important task in Kärsänniemi.

Treats and shops

In Piggy Town you can find treats and do shopping! Try treats of Herkkukioski Treat Kiosk and Hiukopala Kiosk and don't forget to visit Piggy Shop and Duck Pond.