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Särkänniemen Pouta Possu -maskotti.

Piggy Town rides and playgrounds

There is a lot to do in Piggy Town for all ages! No fewer than eight amusement rides invite you to toboggan, fly and twirl, and in addition, in the middle of Piggy Town there is a large, wonderful playground with quite a few climbing frames.

What to do in Piggy Town

Piggy train

Piggy Train

You can board the Piggy Train from Kärsänniemi (Piggy Town) railway station. Even the smallest children can get on board as soon as it is possible to sit on board without an adult. Piggy Train is only reserved for people under 140 cm in height.

Hopping Carrots

These carrots are suitable for everyone, including those with carrot allergies! The giant carrots wheeled to the carrot market by Lauha Lamb are fun as they bounce the passengers!

Merry Mail Adventure

Kajo Rabbit's old-fashioned mail vans await you by Kärsänniemi's post office. Every visitor to Kärsänniemi can jump on the Merry Mail Adventure! Who gets the front seat?

Ihmisiä Särkänniemen Lepakkolähetti-laitteen kyydissä.

Bat Delivery

Leimu Bat is Kärsänniemi's flying bike messenger. Whenever something is missing, Leimu jumps on the back of the flying bike and quickly transports the supplies where they need to be delivered. Kärsänniemi's guests can also experience the joy of flying in the Bat Delivery ride.


Welcome to the flight school, climb aboard and fasten your seat belts! The runway at Kärsänniemi airport is short, and soon we will be flying high.

Candy Boat

Kärsänniemi's Candy Boat is a small boat with a big soul that surprises its passengers: even though it looks like an ordinary, small boat when it's stationary, the ride is quite something when operating! In addition to rocking, the Candy Boat rotates randomly in every direction.