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Doghill Town

Shops and Cafes

Charming cafés and shops of Doghill welcome guests to enjoy the charming atmosphere and old-fashioned shopping trip.

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Von Guggelböö Café

Von Guggelböö Cafe

Von Guggelböö Cafe serves the town’s sweetest treats and tastiest savoury pastries. Try our creamy traditional Finnish salmon soup and enjoy afternoon tea, thirst-quenching soft drinks and ice cream at our lovely sun terrace.

Gunnas Book Store shield

Gunnas Book Store

Doghill author M. Gunnas keeps a lovely little book store in the centre of Doghill Town. In addition to books, the store offers cool accessories for school, toys, games and many more Doghill gifts and souvenirs to go home with!

Candy Store

Tropin & Nekun Apteekki Candy Store

Do you have a bad case of sweet tooth? Don’t worry! Try the candied sugar, Finnish salty liquorice or chocolate lollipops at the Tropin & Nekun Apteekki. This pharmacy is not your typical drug store, but actually a candy lovers paradise.

Hurtan hattara ja tötterö -rakennus Särkänniemen Koiramäessä.

Treat Kiosk Hurtan Hattara & Tötterö

Hurtan Hattara & Tötterö Treat Kiosk serves cotton candy and cones in the Doghill mill.