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Rocking Board

Things to do in Doghill

Have fun in Doghill!

What could you do in Doghill?

Särkänniemen Koiramäen Tassuteatterin esiintyjiä lavalla.

Paw Theatre

Paw Theatre performs plays in the summer.

Drakkulan linna

Drakkula Castle

Drakkula's castle, warmed by the dragon's breath, is a wildly fun indoor adventure course.

Särkänniemen Koiramäen Raatihuone kuvattuna ulkoa.

Town hall

In Doghill you can find the town's most handsome Town Hall, where the society gathers.

Lapset vetolossin kyydissä Särkänniemen Koiramäessä.

Ferry Boat

Have a little shortcut or have a race! There are two ferry boats near Doghill farm so you can pull yourself to the opposite shore.

Kaarnaveneiden uitto


Make small boats float in the water flume of the mill.



Doghill's children go to the school in the city. You can come and play school too!

Kinkkeliinin Kauppahuone Särkänniemen Koiramäessä.

Kinkkeliini Play Shop

You can play shopping games at Kinkeliini Shop. One kilo of potatoes and half a kilo of carrots. Then another loaf of bread and a handful of candies, please! Kinkkeliini's Kauppahuone is located in the Prännäri building on the Koiramäki farm.