BOOM is Särkänniemi's newest and tallest ride!
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Ride Information
Minimum height alone 140 cm
With an adult 120 cm
Highest point 68 m
Acceleration 4G
Seats 16
Manufacturer Zamperla

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Be Brave. Go BOOM.

Särkänniemi’s shot & drop tower ride BOOM launches you at 4G acceleration up to 68 meters above ground and then lets you freefall down while the tower is spinning. Do You have what it takes to go BOOM?

Good To Know

Little thrill-seekers, whose height is from 120 cm to 140 cm, can only access the ride with a person over 15 years of age. The ride is fierce so please make sure that the child you are accompanying doesn’t have a fear of heights or explosive takeoffs. Safety barriers may restrict access for larger people.

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