Treat Kiosks

In the summertime, there are several treat kiosks around the Särkänniemi amusement park area.

Särkänniemi’s treat kiosks sell ice cream, sweets, liquorice, soft ice cream, cotton candy, slush, popcorn and other mouth-watering delicacies. The selection varies depending on the kiosk.

Peliherkku Kiosk

Right at the centre of fun at the Pelitori Game Square, you can find a treat kiosk named Peliherkku Kiosk. Buy your soft ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, slush and cold drinks here, and let the games continue!

Trombi Kiosk

Trombi Kiosk is located near the roller coaster Trombi at the popular Highway area. The kiosk sells cotton candy (we recommend the blue one), popcorn and cold drinks.

Koskiaukio Kiosk

Koskiaukio Kiosk is located next to the Main Entrance at Koskiaukio Square. We sell cotton candy, sweets, popcorn and drinks.

Koskiaukio Ice Cream Kiosk

Opposite from the Koskiaukio Kiosk lies a little ice cream stand. We have all the flavours you absolutely love. Try also our soft ice dishes!

Jädex Ice Cream Kiosk

Jädex Ice Cream Kiosk is located at the heart of Highway area, next to cool rides such as X, High Voltage and Hype. We recommend you try the mother of all ice cream dishes, Hype Scream, which includes everything from soft ice, popcorn, donuts, candy and delicious caramel sauce.

Red Bird Sweets

You can find Red Bird Sweets located in Angry Birds Land. We sell ice cream, cotton candy, soft ice and popcorn, in the style of the popular video game.

Koskiaukio, Pelitori and Lakulaari Liquorice

When in Finland, you have to taste the marvelous metre-long liquorice!  What’s your favourite flavour and colour? You can find liquorice kiosks at the Koskiaukio Main Entrance, Pelitori Game Square and the Highway area.


Hurtan Hattara & Tötterö Kiosk

Remember to visit our lovely Doghill Fairytale Farm! There, in between Drakkula’s Castle and the old Water Mill, lies a fun little treat kiosk. Stop by and enjoy our refreshing soft drinks, cotton candy and wide selection of ice cream.

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