Restaurant Riemu

The street food buffet in Restaurant Riemu takes you on a journey around the world!

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Katso kaikki liput & rannekkeet

Särkänniemi’s Restaurant Riemu has an amusement park appropriate name, since ”riemu” in English means ”joy”. Restaurant Riemu is located next to the equally new Taikaranta play area. How about a meal of Asian-style sweet and sour chicken or slow cooker barbeque pork, served with the restaurant’s signature BBQ sauce?

For vegetarians, Riemu offers delicious tofu stew and a salad buffet with a wide variety of fresh vegetables. The street food buffet in Restaurant Riemu is the first of its kind in Särkänniemi. The inspiration for the buffet’s recipes comes from cuisines all around the world.

The restaurant caters particularly to the youngest in the family. With children especially in mind, the food is not cooked too spicy. In addition to more exotic tastes, Riemu also offers familiar foods such as potato wedges, rice, and vegetables in easy, finger food sized bites.

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