Fast Food

In the summertime, you can find several fast food grills and stands in the Särkänniemi amusement park area.

Neulanen Street Food

Restaurant Näsinneula has a baby brother, a sun terrace that goes by the name of Neulanen! Come and taste our delicious street food made from the best quality ingredients. We recommend you try the hot dogs and pulled pork salads paired with our skillfully designed drinks menu. You can find us near the ground level entrance to Näsinneula Observation Tower.

Lakeview Terrace

Snacks & Drinks -maisematerassi, Särkänniemi

Koskigrilli Snacks

When entering Doghill Fairytale Farm, you may have noticed a snack bar by the main entrance. That’s Koskigrilli Snacks, ready to serve you delicious fast food, fries, meat balls and falafel. Enjoy your meal outdoor at the sun terrace while admiring the fierce Rapids Ride.

Suolapala Snacks

Suolapala Snacks serves traditional Finnish grill food delicacies, such as hot dogs and French fries. Suolapala Snacks is situated at the edge of Angry Birds Land, next to Pelitori Game Square.

Pulled Pork, Suolapala, Särkänniemi

Mighty Eagle Snacks

Hungry in Angry Birds Land? Not for long! Mighty Eagle Snacks is an Angry Birds themed hot dog stand ready to serve you with tasty hot dogs and cold drinks.

Pelitori Snacks

Pelitori Snacks is situated at the edge of Pelitori Game Square, next to Log River. Would you like your fries with meatballs, sausages or chicken fingers? Maybe you want to try our vegetarian choices, they are delicious!


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