Restaurant Näsinneula's à la carte

Taste the iconic Finlandia Menu or create a menu of your own - we guarentee you'll love it!

Available from 8th January to 4th March 2019.

Restaurant Näsinneula honours the traditions of high-quality cuisine trusting Finnish ingredients. Our mission is to provide our customers clear and balanced menus – a complete mouthfeel by combining simple things creatively and with careful consideration. You can also create a menu of your own choice from our delicious á la carte dishes.

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please inform our staff upon placing your order.

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Blini season in January

Blinis are sometimes called as symbols of the sun. We serve tasty blinis at least until the end of January.

Blini with vendace roe from lake Näsijärvi 19 €

À la carte 8.1.–4.3.2019

You can find our menu here or below. Enjoy your meal as we take flavours to new heights!


Jerusalem artichoke, tomato and lavender 17 €

Whitefish, horseradish and cauliflower 17 €

Veal tartar, poached egg and mustard 17 €

Blini with vendace roe from lake Näsijärvi 19 €

Main Courses

Pan fried pike perch, Puikula potato and onion 28 €

Smoked beetroot, walnut and red cabbage 28 €

Organic lamb, dill and garlic 28 €


Carrot, sea buckthorn and white chocolate 12 €

Citrus, meringue and cream cheese 12 €

Finnish cheeses 12 €

Finlandia Menu 66 €

Compliment from the kitchen

Whitefish, horseradish and cauliflower

Reindeer from Kaldoaivi and lingonberry

Potato canelé and potato ice cream

Carrot, sea buckthorn and white chocolate

Vegetarian Menu 62 €

Compliment from the kitchen

Jerusalem artichoke, tomato and lavender

Smoked beetroot, walnut and red cabbage

Potato canelé and potato ice cream

Citrus, meringue and cream cheese

OJ’s Ninth Heaven Tasting Menu 90 €

Nine-course tasting menu. Available only for the whole party. Place your orders by 9 PM, on Sundays by 6 PM, thank you!

Children’s Menu 20 €

Small appetizer soup

Fish of the day OR meat of the day

Ice cream à la Näsinneula

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