Restaurant Näsinneula's à la carte

Taste the iconic Finlandia Menu or create your own - we guarentee you'll love it!

Available from the 27th of March to the 12th of June 2018.

Restaurant Näsinneula honours the traditions of high-quality cuisine trusting Finnish ingredients and believing in their own expertise. Our mission is to provide our customers clear and balanced menus - a complete mouthfeel by combining simple things creatively and with careful consideration. You can also create a menu of your own choice from our delicious á la carte dishes.

À la carte -menu is avaialble during lunch hours Mon-Fri 11 AM to 4 PM only when ordered in advance.

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please inform our staff upon placing your order.

Särkänniemi, Näsinenula, Ravintola, à la carte, annos, lounas, viinit, sali

À la carte 27.3.–12.6.2018

You can find our menu here or below. Enjoy your meal as we take flavours to new heights!


Parsnip, rye and dill 17 €

Vendace roe, potato flatbread and sour cream 17 €

Reindeer tartar, beetroot and juniper berry 17 €

Main Courses

Pike perch with almond 28 €

Bell pepper pie with tomato 28 €

Organic lamb with cabbage 28 €


Cloudberry, meringue and fresh cheese 12 €

Jerusalem artichoke, organic chocolate and caramel 12 €

Cranberry, malt and yoghurt 12 €

Finnish cheeses 12 €

Finlandia Menu 66 €

Compliment from the kitchen

Vendace roe, potato flatbread and sour cream

Organic lamb and cabbage

Finnish cheeses

Cloudberry, meringue and fresh cheese

Vegetarian Menu 66 €

Compliment from the kitchen

Parsnip, rye and dill

Bell pepper pie and tomato

Finnish cheeses

Cranberry, malt and yoghurt

OJ's Ninth Heaven Tasting Menu 90 €

Nine-course tasting menu. Available only for the whole party. Place your orders by 9 PM, on Sundays by 6 PM, thank you!

Children's Menu 20 €

Small appetizer soup

Fish of the day OR meat of the day

Ice cream à la Näsinneula


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