Zones by Särkänniemi

Zones by Särkänniemi offers fun all year round!

New indoor entertainment center Zones by Särkänniemi to open in spring 2018

Särkänniemi Theme Park, located in Tampere, Finland, has announced the opening of an indoor entertainment center called Zones by Särkänniemi to Ideapark Commercial City in Lempäälä, a nearby town located 20 kilometres outside of Tampere. The new entertainment center will combine several free time activities under one giant roof.

Behind this brand new entertainment center concept, is the first ever subsidiary of Tampereen Särkänniemi Ltd, called FunZones Ltd. The shopping mall site for Zones by Särkänniemi is under construction. The entertainment center is scheduled to be opened in spring 2018.

”The schedule is tight, so planning and building are well under way, almost around the clock. The main idea is to create something entirely new: an entertainment center that will combine the best parts of amusement parks, indoor activity parks and other leisure activities, for both children and adults. The park will include a variety of entertainment zones of which visitors can flexibly choose the ones they want to experience while visiting Zones”, newly appointed Park Director Maria Eskelinen, previous Concept Development Manager of Särkänniemi Theme Park, explains.

More information:

Zones by Särkänniemi, Park Director Maria Eskelinen, +358 (0) 207 310 501, maria.eskelinen@zonesbysarkanniemi.fi

Särkänniemi Theme Park, CEO, Miikka Seppälä, +358 (0)207 130 201, miikka.seppala@sarkanniemi.fi

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