What's New?

Särkänniemi’s summer 2018 is filled with magic, carousels, and new, exciting tastes. Join the Magic at Särkänniemi!

What’s new this summer in Särkänniemi?

Särkänniemi offers fun for the whole summer! You can find our opening hours here. This year, Särkänniemi will bring plenty of new things to see, do, hear, and taste – not forgetting nostalgic theme park experiences. Särkänniemi is the most magical amusement park of the summer!

Explore the new Taikaranta play area

The new activity-packed Taikaranta play area is designed especially for families with children and guests in search of a leisurely atmosphere. In Taikaranta play area, you find yourself amidst of the most enchanting playground equipment, such as talking pipes and huge, interactive flowers.

Benches designed according to theme, beautiful flowers, and a dazzling view of the lake will guarantee an enjoyable visit. The admission-free play area is located between the northern strand of the park and our two new landmarks, Restaurant Riemu and Särkänniemi Estraadi stage.

Enjoy open-air concerts at the new Särkänniemi Estraadi stage

In the heart of the amusement park, between Taikaranta play area and Angry Birds Land, you can find our new, bigger and better stage, the Särkänniemi Estraadi. The stage will host events daily. This summer we offer more magic and circus programme for children than ever before. The children’s concerts take place during the day, and concerts for an older audience are held in the evenings.

Särkänniemi’s summer 2018 offers many amazing performers. You can find more information on our concerts and events here.

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Restaurant Riemu’s street food buffet

This summer, we open the new Restaurant Riemu (riemu in English means joy), located next to the Taikaranta play area. How about Asian-style sweet and sour chicken, a tuna-and-cream-cheese baked potato, or slow cooker barbeque pork? For vegetarians, Riemu offers delicious tofu stew and a salad buffet with a wide variety of fresh vegetables. The street food buffet in Restaurant Riemu is the first of its kind in Särkänniemi. The inspiration for the buffet’s recipes comes from cuisines all around the world.

The restaurant caters particularly to the preferences of the youngest in the family. With them especially in mind, the food is not cooked too spicy. In addition to more exotic tastes, Riemu also offers familiar foods such as potato wedges and rice as well as vegetables in easy, finger food sized bites.

Swing Carousel is a family favourite

Our new ride, Swing Carousel, is decorated with colourful flower paintings and was manufactured in the Preston and Barbier carousel factory in Italy. The ride is located next to Pizzeria Pelle Pizza Buffet, but is themed after the atmosphere, flowers and colourfulness of the Taikaranta play area.

The Swing Carousel is open to guests who are at least 100 centimetres tall. A special new feature of the new Swing Carousel are benches that seat two people. During the ride, the seats rise up to 13.9 metres.

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