Useful Information

Your key to a successful day in Särkänniemi!


Särkänniemi and Ride Passes, fun tickets, car park tickets, gift cards and Game Packages are sold at Main Entrance ticket sales, Koskiaukio ticket sales, Pelitori Game Square ticket sales and Näsinneula Info Point.

How to Pay

The most common bank and credit cards are accepted.

Force Majeure

Särkänniemi may be forced to close rides or make changes to its programme in the event of poor weather conditions and technical difficulties. Purchased ticket products may not be exchanged or refunded.

Meeting Place and Public Announcements

Announcements are made from the Main Entrance Info Point or from the First Aid Station. The meeting point near the Main Entrance Info Point is a good place to arrange to meet. It is recommended to decide in advance what to do if someone gets lost.

Information Stickers for Small Children

Our information sticker for small children will assist to return a lost child to their family. Stickers are available free of charge from ticket sales. Write your child´s name and your contact details on the sticker.

Smoke-Free Zone

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Queues, indoor facilities, games awnings, Doghill Fairytale Farm and Angry Birds Land are all smoke-free.

Baby Care

There are baby care facilities in the hallway of the Aquarium, Angry Birds Land, Pelitori Game Square and at the entrance to the Doghill (Koiramäki). The toilet facilities of Huvimaja Restaurant is all equipped with baby care worktops.

Cashpoint (ATM)

There is a cashpoint in the downstairs hallway of the Näsinneula Observation Tower.

Post Box and Stamps

The post box is situated at the Main Entrance. Salespeople in the shops will also take cards for posting. Stamps are available in shops.

Customer Relations

There are outlets for customer feedback by the Main Entrance. Electronic feedback can be sent via our Web pages.

Lost Property

Lost property enquiries can be made at Särkänniemi: +358 207 130 200. Items worth over EUR 20 will be taken to the lost property office of the Tampere police within approximately two weeks.


Please put your litter in the bins to keep the park clean and ensure a pleasant visit for everyone!

Height Restrictions and Safety

We cannot compromise on the height restrictions for rides. Check your height before joining the queue to avoid disappointment. Safety barriers may restrict access for larger people.

If you are pregnant or have a cardiac or musculo-sceletal disorder, we strongly recommend you do not use the wildest rides. If you suspect that the ride may pose a risk to your health, please do not use it. Safety barriers may restrict access for larger people.

Culture & Well-being Vouchers

Culture and Well-being Vouchers are not accepted as payment in Särkänniemi Theme Park, because according to Finland’s current legislation, amusement parks do not belong in the realm of cultural activities.

Persons with Disabilities in Moving

You can get to the Planetarium via a ramp that is located on the right-hand side of Näsinneula Observation Tower. Access to the Planetarium also by walking stairs from Näsinneula lobby. The Aquarium is located in two floors and there are stairs that lead downstairs (no ramp or lift). You can get to the observation deck of Näsinneula by using the elevators and further up to Restaurant Näsinneula with the help of a chairlift (please contact the staff). There is an unobstructed route to Doghill.

Mobility-impaired customers can find wheelchair access to the following rides either via ramp, exit or separately marked route: Tornado, Log River, Rapids Ride, Troika, Half Pipe, Pavilion Carousel, Candy Carousel and Crazy Bus. You will need a carer or assistant to help you into the ride.

Personal Aides

The personal aide of a person, who has a ticket and needs personal aid due to disabilities in moving, eyesight, hearing or developmental stage, may get a helper card from the ticketing. The aide will get to the attractions and rides with the person in need of assistance for free by showing this card. The same rules apply for children with autism or dysphasia. The assisted person must have a Särkänniemi ticket in order for the helper to get this card.

Cameras in Rides

Regular cameras and smartphones are not to be taken on the rides. Särkänniemi does not assume responsibility for belongings lost or broken on the rides. If the customer has a GoPro camera or other similar type of camera that is firmly attached to a helmet or harness, it is possible to ask for a special permit for using this camera in the rides from the supervising ride attendant. You cannot use a normal helmet camera attached to your head only by a strap in rides that go head down e.g. Hype, Tornado, Trombi and High Voltage. It is possible to use a harness camera or a camera that is fastened from under the chin in all rides. The ride attendants can call the supervising ride attendant on location for every ride to check the camera and whether it is fastened safely.

Problem Situations

Please contact our staff in case of problematic situations. Our First Aid Station is located in the Pelitori Game Square opposite to Pizzeria Pelle. The skilled first aid staff will help you, and if necessary, you will be directed to further investigation and treatment.

Alcoholic Beverages

Bringing alcoholic beverages to Särkänniemi is not allowed.


Dogs are allowed to be brought to Särkänniemi if they are on a leash. Please, keep in mind the other amusement park goers when walking your pet. Dogs, except for guide dogs, are not to be taken to restaurants, Aquarium, Planetarium or to Doghill Fairytale Farm.

Quality, environment and safety

Tampereen Särkänniemi Oy has international certificates for quality, environment and safety as evidence of taking good care of the premises and for making constant improvements (ISO 9001, ISO  14001 and OHSAS 18001). Särkänniemi participates in the nationwide energy efficiency agreement.

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