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The unique image world of the Planetarium surrounds the spectator from different sides and gives more dimensions to visual experiences. Here you can just sit back and relax!

The multimedia sky of the Särkänniemi Planetarium stuns visitors with new programmes every year. The Planetarium can be used not only for traditional star shows but also for music and theatre performances, various presentations and meetings and seminars.

There are three movies running in winter season. Besides in Finnish, Planetarium movies are also available in English, Russian and Swedish (except for Inside the Human Body is only in Finnish and in English). The running time for the movies is approximately 30 minutes. The movies are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Planetarium Timetable

Saturdays and Sundays (during winter season 2018–2019)

11.30 AM We Are the Aliens
13.30 PM Inside the Human Body
15.00 PM From Earth to the Universe

Check the opening hours for Särkänniemi attractions here.

Planetarium Movies in Winter season

Inside the Human Body

This newest arrival at Särkänniemi Planetarium takes you to a fun expedition into the human body. How does the brain or the sense of sight work? What about the heart or the digestive system? After seeing the movie, you will know!

From Earth to the Universe

From Earth to the Universe explores the numerous worlds in our solar system. The journey continues from the Milky Way into the endless ecpanse of the universe and its many galaxies.

We Are the Aliens

We Are the Aliens takes viewers on a fantastic trip around the universe searching for answers to the question: ”Are we alone here?”


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