Who's ready for a little game? Try your luck at Särkänniemi's exciting carnival and arcade games!

Play games at Pelitori, Hype Square and Angry Birds Land

Families and teenagers enjoy spending time at the Pelitori area which is a real gamer’s paradise! You can play numerous carnival and arcade games where Lady Luck’s favour and an accurate throwing arm decide the end result. You can test your skills by beating moles to your heart’s content in a game of Whack-a-mole or grab a sure prize in String Pull.

You can also play fun and exciting carnival and arcade games at the Hype Square and in Angry Birds Land. In a game of Duck Pond, you win every time, but in Hype Game, only the best throwers will succeed!

Grab a Game Package!

For game-enthusiasts, we offer a 10 € Game Package that contains 5 carnival games. Use all the tickets yourself or share them with friends and family! Game Packages are available at Särkänniemi’s ticket sales and all games. Individual carnival game price is 3 €/game.

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