Creepy Carnival

Creepy Carnival is celebrated during the schools' autumn break week in October 2020.

The Creepy Carnival 2021

The creepiest event of the year is back at the Särkänniemi Theme Park during the 2021 autumn holidays!

The Creepy Carnival is back creepier than ever! The creepiest event of the autumn season will take place from October 10th to October 17th, Saturdays: 13:00 – 22:00 and Sundays: 13:00 – 21:00.

In October you can experience the Särkänniemi Theme Park rides in glorious atmospheric lighting as darkness falls, and the Creepy Carnival will return once again to provide joy and thrills for your autumn holidays. The event has been inspired by exotic carnival culture and travelling evening funfairs.

The Creepy Carnival will feature a big, colourful carnival area that will thrill the entire family. Two smaller areas will focus on the creepier side of the event: these areas are not for anyone under the age of 15. Do you dare venture forth?

Children under 3 years old can experience the carnival rides (height restrictions apply) and the winter attractions (Aquarium and Näsinneula Observation Tower) free of charge.

Please note! Entering the Carnival area requires an entrance fee. The Creepy Carnival is an outdoor event so remember to dress accordingly. The carnival area features flickering lights that may induce an epileptic seizure.

Tickets and Prices

Tickets and prices will be published later.

Carnival Fun for the Whole Family

Everything is upside down and inside out with merriment! The colourful and joyous Day of the Dead Carnival will transport your thoughts to the exotic southern warmth. Experience the Särkänniemi rides in their fully illuminated autumn glory, and let the spectacular dancers, the wild rhythms, and mouthwatering carnival treats lead you to an unforgettable autumn holiday.

The appropriately titillating carnival area covers the Pelitori games area, the Magic Shore activity and play area, and Angry Birds Land. In these areas you can enjoy the evening without fear of running into any of our creepy monsters.

Scary areas

There are also more frightening areas in Creepy Carnival. Visit for example Zombie Zone and our creepy Fortune Teller!


Most of the rides are available in Särkänniemi during the Creepy Carnival. The list of the rides will be published later.

Carnival Programme

Along with the rides, the glorious Creepy Carnival programme will sweep away visitors of any age. Circus and fire artists, colourful dancers, zombie attacks, and much more will make your day at Särkänniemi unforgettable and fun!


No need to be frightened with an empty stomach! The theme park food locations will serve you a variety of meals from Zombie Burgers to Possessed Fries and delicious Licorice Worms – not forgetting the sweets and treats, of course. Restaurant Riemu, Pizzeria Pelle and X-BRGR will provide you with creepy dishes that will take your breath away. But beware that you don’t end up on a plate yourself!


A variety of theme park games await all those with a spirit for excitement. Classics like String Pull and Duck Pond will reward you every time you play! Remember to test your throwing accuracy with the Hype Game Zombie Edition!


Park Shop

Get your Creepy Carnival themed jewellery, outfits, plush toys, and other wonderfully creepy items at the Park Shop! Remember to try out the chilling Frozen Skull beverage. Park Shop is situated opposite the Hype roller coaster. The shop is suitably themed for the whole family so don’t be afraid to step inside.

Candy Corner

Here you can find a wide selection of different sweets, lollipops, canned cotton candy, and all kinds of sweets and treats. Candy Corner is situated opposite the Boom ride. The shop is suitably themed for the whole family so don’t be afraid to step inside.

Angry Birds Shop

The family friendly Angry Birds Land is full of affordable shopping opportunities, including outlet products and creepy carnival offers. Come and make some fabulous discoveries!

Trick or Treat Tour

For an additional fee, all those with a greater hunger for treats can participate in our Trick or Treat tour that covers all the family friendly areas of the park. The tour includes a fishing game at the Devilish Duck Pond and many wonderful and delicious surprises.

Parking at Särkänniemi Theme Park

Särkänniemi has limited parking space so we recommend using public transportation if possible. During the times that rides are operational, parking at the nearby Särkänniemi parking lot costs 15€/vehicle/day.

Group and Company Packages

Are you looking for a unique way of thanking your employees and business partners? Or perhaps for a way to spend a wonderful day with your team, hold a bachelor party or have fun in a larger group? The Creepy Carnival group passes and company packages will provide amazing thrills for everyone in your group! Contact our sales service, phone number: 020 713 0212, or send us an e-mail at myynti@sarkanniemi.fi.

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