Creepy Carnival

Creepy Carnival is celebrated during the schools' autumn break week in October 2020.

During Autumn Break 2020, We Celebrate the Creepy Carnival!

The Creepy Carnival is coming again – and creepier than ever! The most terrifyingly entertaining event of the autumn takes place in Särkänniemi during Autumn Break 2020. Welcome to the most chilling event of the autumn season! 

The Creepy Carnival gets its inspiration from exotic carnival culture and night time fairs. In October, you get to experience Särkänniemi and its beautifully lit amusement park rides in the atmospheric twilight darkness of autumn evenings. The Creepy Carnival is an event for all ages!

Children under three years old get to experience the Creepy Carnival rides (height restrictions apply) and the open attractions (Aquarium and Näsinneula Observation Tower) free of charge. Please note that the Planetarium is not suitable for children under three years old.

A ticket is required for entrance to the Creepy Carnival.

The Creepy Carnival takes place outdoors so remember to consider the weather and wear appropriate clothing.

The Creepy Carnival area features flashing lights that may trigger an epileptic seizure.


Most of Särkänniemi’s rides are open during the Creepy Carnival. The complete list of rides will be announced closer to the event. Please note that the rides are subject to height restrictions and that they may close due to bad weather.

Carnival Programme

In addition to the rides, the dazzling Creepy Carnival programme will entertain guests of all ages. Circus and fire performers, colorful dancers, creepy zombies, and all kinds of other entertainment guarantee that you will have a wonderful day in Särkänniemi!

Karamelli-karuselli, huvipuisto, Särkänniemi

Zombie Zone

Zombies have plagued the world for years. How did all this start? How have the zombies and the soldiers fighting them adapted to life in Särkänniemi? Come watch the world fall under the rule of the zombies once again!


You need not fear an empty stomach in the Creepy Carnival! Our restaurants and stalls offer a wide variety of snacks and foods from zombie burgers to frightening fries and liquorice larvae. Restaurant Riemu, Pizzeria Pelle and X-BRGR have special, creepylicious menus that won’t leave you hungry, but be careful you don’t end up on a plate yourself!

Games and Shops

Are you looking for the excitement of a competition or the thrill of testing you skill or luck? If you are, our amusement park games are the place for you! All-time time favourites String Pull and Duck Pond guarantee a devilish prize every time! And don’t forget to test your throwing skills at Hype Game – Zombie Edition! And if you’re looking for a souvenir to take home, Park Shop has a spooky selection of accessories, stuffed toys, decorations, and sweets, each one creepier than the last.

Trick or treat –packages are available from ticketing and Park Shop for little ghosts and ghouls! The package is sold separately and includes the Devilish Duck Pond game and multiple places for candy collecting.

Group and Company Packages

Are you looking for a whole new way to thank your employees or associates? Would you like to spend a fun and exciting day with you team, classmates or co-workers? Discount tickets to the Creepy Carnival are available for groups of 20 people or more. Our sales service is happy to answer your inquiries, book your reservation and help plan your day in Särkänniemi (tel. 020 713 0212 or email: myynti@sarkanniemi.fi)

Read more about Creepy Carnival products for groups and companies!

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