In the Aquarium, you can choose your own favourite from over 200 species of fish and aquatic animals.

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In the Aquarium, you can choose your own favourite from over 200 species of fish and aquatic animals that come from seas and lakes all around the world. In addition, you can make acquaintance with the finned creatures of Finnish waters.

What does a motoro stingray look like? What do piranhas eat? Can a chameleon really change colours? Information plaques of the Aquarium provide useful information on each species and on the habitat of aquatic animals.

The selection of species in the Aquarium changes every year. Aquarium sceneries are also renewed annually, but the main thing with these changes is that the inhabitants of the Aquarium can swim in environments that resemble their natural habitat as much as possible. The newest arrivals at the aquarium are the poison dart frogs, bearded dragons, Chinese crocodile lizards and a bamboo shark!

Weekend Feeding Shows at the Aquarium

Come and check out how piranhas feed, say hello to the caimans and get up close and personal with an electric eel! During the Aquarium feeding shows you can get information about the animals and ask questions. You will find the pool or terrarium number in brackets. Welcome!


12.15 PM Piranhas (2)

2.15 PM Large fish (5)

4.30 PM Archerfish (25)

punapiraija, Akvaario, Särkäniemi

Sähköankerias, Särkänniemi, Akvaario


12.15 PM Bamboo Shark and Moray Eels (3)

2.15 PM Caimans (23)

3.30 PM Seahorses (18)

kääpiökaimaani, akvaario, Särkänniemi

Facts about Särkänniemi Aquarium

  • Completed in 1969.
  • Located in the Näsinneula building.
  • Two floors (access to the lower floor only by stairs, no lift or ramp).
  • More than 200 species of fish and aquatic animals.
  • A total of over 3,000 individual animals.
  • The combined volume of pools in the Aquarium is roughly 550,000 litres.
  • Open throughout the year.
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