Doghill Restaurants and Cafés

Where to eat at Doghill Fairytale Farm?

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Von Guggelböö Café

Von Guggelböö Café serves the town’s sweetest treats and tastiest savoury pastries. Try our creamy traditional Finnish salmon soup and enjoy afternoon tea, thirst-quenching soft drinks and ice cream at our lovely sun terrace. Would the young gentleman prefer a piece of chocolate cake? For the lady, we absolutely recommend a Runeberg tart!

Kahvila von Guggelböö, Koiramäki

Hurtan Hattara & Tötterö Kiosk

In between Drakkula’s Castle and the old Water Mill, lies a fun little treat kiosk. Stop by and enjoy our refreshing soft drinks, cotton candy and wide selection of ice cream.

Koskigrilli Snacks

When entering Doghill Fairytale Farm, you may have noticed a snack bar by the main entrance. That’s Koskigrilli Snacks, ready to serve you delicious fast food, fries, meat balls and falafel. Enjoy your meal outdoor at the sun terrace while admiring the fierce Rapids Ride.

Luokkaretki, Särkänniemi, huvipuisto

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