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Come and meet the lovely animals of Doghill Fairytale Farm!

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Doghill Fairytale Farm is home to almost twenty different species of animals, from familiar Finnish farm animals, such as cows, sheep and chicken, to some more exotic creatures. The story goes that Captain Henrikson, an old sea adventurer, brought donkeys, alpacas and goats to Doghill as a gift when he returned from his amazing travels abroad.

All the animals are being well cared for at Doghill Fairytale Farm. Doghill’s children Elsa and Kille invite everybody to take part in the daily farm chores. Would you like to collect eggs from the henhouse or feed the sheep? Check the Doghill Daily Programme for more farm activities!

Here are some of our animal friends, who are eager to meet you and welcome you to spend a lovely day at Doghill Fairytale Farm!


Captain Henrikson shipped the first alpacas to Doghill Fairytale Farm from South America, specifically from Peru. The Captain took a liking to their uniquely soft wool and asked if some of these camelids could be taken to Finland as a present. Did you know that the valuable alpaca wool is about five times warmer when compared to sheep wool?

kyyttölehmä, Koiramäen eläinpuisto, Särkänniemi, Koiramäki


You have maybe noticed that not all the chicken here are from Finland. The more exotic birds were brought by Captain Henrikson when they were still little eggs.


The cows at Doghill are from the Eastern Finncattle breed. The Eastern Finncattle are adapted to the harsh Nordic conditions, and their milk is especially suitable for cheese production. Mother Iiris and her lovely calf Neilikka enjoy being scratched and brushed.

kyyttölehmä, Koiramäen eläinpuisto, Särkänniemi, Koiramäki


Donkeys have a good memory and they learn new things quickly. The oldest of the Doghill Fairytale Farm’s donkeys have lived here for over thirty years! You can find the donkeys behind Drakkula’s Castle.


Since cheese that is made from goat’s milk is among Doghill Kille’s favourite delicacies, Captain Hensikson decided to bring along some African pygmy goats from one of his journeys. Even though their legs are short, goats are talented climbers.

Did you know, that female goats are referred to as ”does” or ”nannies”, and males as ”bucks” or ”billies”, while their offspring are ”kids”? Now you do!

Mangalitza pigs

There are two fluffy mangalitza pigs living at Doghill Fairytale Farm. Manta, who was born in the spring of 2016, is bigger and lighter in colour, and Max, who was born in the summer of 2018, is smaller and darker. Mangalitza pigs are intelligent animals who require a lot of attention and scratching. Manta and Max live at Doghill all year round.

villasika, Koiramäen eläinpuisto, Koiramäki, Särkänniemi

Mini pigs

The mini pigs at Doghill go by the name of Maisa and Pipsa. Maisa is black and Pipsa is spotted. Mini pigs are social animals and they like different toys and activities. Keep your eyes open and you might see Maisa in a speedy adventure around the Doghill duck pond!

Minipossu, Koiramäki, Särkänniemi


The Doghill sheep are from the rare Finnish Kainuu Grey breed. The sheep are born black but as they get older, they change colour to almost completely white. During spring, the sheep have their little lambs. But how did the Kainuu Grey sheep come to live at Doghill? A few years ago, Matu the Farmhand worked on a farm in Eastern Finland and, as a reward for his work on the farm, was paid with Kainuu Grey sheep.

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At Doghill Fairytale Farm, ponies are used for ploughing the fields and transporting heavy loads as well as residents to town. Would you like to ride a pony? Tickets to pony and cart riding (5€/ride) are sold at all sales points at Doghill Fairytale Farm.


Puppies are dear pets to the residents of Doghill. The animal caretakers play with them throughout the day. After spending five weeks at Doghill Fairytale Farm, puppies move to new homes that are carefully chosen for them. Doghill puppies grow up to be happy and social dogs.

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