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There's plenty to do in Doghill Fairytale Farm!

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Doghill Farm

At Doghill Fairytale Farm, you can experience in a fun way what it was like in the 19th century Finland! At the Doghill Farmhouse, you can play just like in the olden days and slide down the oven. Enjoy the atmosphere in Grandma’s House where you can mold traditional cheese out of magic sand. Or maybe you want to be the fastest rider on the Hobby Horse Track? Almost real cows are milked and kept in the cowshed, and toy horses are looked after in the stables. Little sailors can enjoy a shortcut to town and pull themselves across the river on the Ferry.

Drakkula’s Castle

Drakkula’s Castle is heated with dragonbreath and you might bump into the real Count Drakkula. Even though the castle looks scary, it is a children’s play area where you can climb many floors, slide back down and shoot a ball-canon! Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult.

Doghill School

You will find the town school on the main street. Come on in and experience what it was like for the young to go to school in the 19th century. You will find no iPads here, we assure you! Instead, try doing your homework on a piece of chalkboard, it’s way more fun!

Water Mill with Floating Toy Boats

Next to Drakkula’s Castle, you will find a red, old Water Mill. On top of the Mill, you can float bark boats and see whose boats are the fastest.

Paw Theatre Presents

Come and see the Doghill residents perform several times a day in a fun summer play at the Paw Theatre stage. The play is in Finnish only.

Doghill String Pull

Children of all ages love the Doghill String Pull. In this game, you win a prize every time you pull! One game ticket costs 3 €, but for all game-lovers, we recommend a Game Package (10 €) that contains five game tickets. Use all the tickets yourself or share them with friends and family!

Game Tickets and Packages are available at Särkänniemi’s ticket sales and all games.


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