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Särkänniemi Pass, Fixed Date

Fixed Date Särkänniemi Pass (gate price 47 €) grants admission to all the rides within safety limitations as well as to Doghill Fairytale Farm, Aquarium and Näsinneula Observation Tower for one specific date selected at the time of purchase. The Fixed Date Särkänniemi Passes will be available in a few batches. If you are not sure about the date of your visit, please choose the Open Day Särkänniemi Pass. The Fixed Date Särkänniemi Pass is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

The price of the Fixed Date Särkänniemi Pass is dynamic and it goes up according to demand. The earlier you buy the cheaper the price!

Passes delivered by mail (delivery fee 4,90 €) can be used to enter the park without visiting the ticket office. Passes delivered by e-mail (delivery fee 0 €) need to be reclaimed at the Särkänniemi ticket office on the day of the visit with a QR code provided.

When purchasing a Fixed Date Särkänniemi Pass, you will automatically have a reservation to Särkänniemi for the specific date.

Children under the age of three can enter the park and the attractions and ride the rides suitable for small children for free of charge. In 2021 there won't be specific passes available for under 120 cm.

Select date from calendar to see available tickets and prices.


(Tax included)
0,00 €
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