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School Pass

School Pass is available for field trips. School Pass includes entrance to the amusement park, rides, Doghill Fairytale Farm, Aquarium and Näsinneula Observation Tower for one opening date during the time period of 13.5.–4.6.2023. Please note that Särkänniemi is closed on Mondays in May.

The early-bird price of 32 € is valid until 31.3.2023 after which the price is 35 €.

When the field trip is done during the time periods of 13.5.–4.6.2023, we offer you two Teacher Passes (OPE-kortti) per class free of charge for the teachers to enjoy Särkänniemi. Field Trip Meal Vouchers are available as well. For more information about arranging a field trip to Särkänniemi please contact our Sales Office at +358207 130 212 or myynti@sarkanniemi.fi.

The time of visit is selected at the time of purchase. You can change the date of visit to another date if there is space on the desired date by contacting Särkänniemi Sales Office at +358207 130 212 or myynti@sarkanniemi.fi.

You can choose either mail or e-mail delivery as the delivery method. Mail deliveries will start during March. Orders delivered by e-mail can be picked up at any ticket office in Särkänniemi on the day of your visit.

Please note! When placing an order, please add the name of the school and the number of groups in the company field (e.g. Särkänniemi school 6A, 6B, 6C).

If the field trip is happening in less than two weeks, we will not mail School Passes, but you can pick them up with the subscriber's name and order number from the main gate information desk on the day of the field trip.

Select date from calendar to see available tickets and prices.


(Tax included)
0,00 €
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