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Season Card

All the fun with one card!

Season Card is a personal card with photo attached, that gives you the access to all the rides (within safety limitations) and attractions (Näsinneula Observation Tower, Doghill Fairytale Farm and Aquarium) within the opening hours. Season Card is valid for the summer season 30.4.–24.9.2022. Please note that the Season Card doesn't include special events like concerts.

The Digi Card will be sent to your e-mail right after you have made the purchse. Please show the Digi Card on your smart device at the gate and when visiting rides or attractions. You can also print out the Digi Card. If you wish to use the Digi Card printed out by yourself, please pay attention that the QR code is readable throughout your visit to Särkänniemi. The QR code is connected to your name and photo that are visible on the QR code reader. Misuse will result in invalidation of the card.

With an additional price of 10 € you can buy a traditional plastic card. The plastic card will be sent to the address you give us while ordering the card within 4–7 working days. In addition there is the normal mail delivery time. 

Attention! Photo for the Digi Card will be downloaded by yourself. The photo needs to be clear close-up potrait and the person needs to be identifiable. No hats or sunglasses can be worn. Please also check the spelling of your name.

Please note that besides the Season Card you need to make an advance reservation for your visit.

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