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Carnival Ticket

Includes entrance to the amusement park and carnival program. The separately priced haunted attraction and Fortune Teller are not included in the price.

The time of visit is selected at the time of purchase. You can change the date of visit to another Creepy Carnival 2023 date without an additional fee in case there is space on the desired date. There is a personal link in the order confirmation which you can access to change the date.

Creepy Carnival is included in Season Card 2024. The Season Card will be on sale on 23.9.2023.

You can choose the delivery method as mail (delivery fee 4,90 €) or as e-mail (delivery fee 0 €). In case of choosing the e-mail delivery, the tickets will be delivered to your e-mail as a QR code. Please note that the order handling time is about 4–7 business days + normal mail delivery time. Tickets cannot be refunded.

Children under the age of three can enter the park and the attractions and ride the rides suitable for small children free of charge.

The lowest price for this product within the last 30 days was 21,90 €.

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(Tax included)
0,00 €
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