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Näsinneula 50 years

In 2021 we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Näsinneula Observatin Tower. Shall we celebrate together?


Näsinneula Observation Tower

When you take the lift up to the top of Näsinneula, you can admire the scenery from the second tallest observation tower in the Nordic countries. Moreover, you can get acquainted with the most iconic symbol of Tampere.

Leivoksia Särkänniemen Neula Sky Cafessa.

Neula Sky Cafe

Located on the observation deck of Näsinneula, the new Neula Sky Cafe is an elegant lounge at a height of 120 meters. Get on the world’s top experience elevators to enjoy the most magnificent scenery of Tampere.

Restaurant Näsinneula

Restaurant Näsinneula, located 124 meters above Tampere, Finland, is the highest place you can dine in the Nordic countries. Whilst dining you can enjoy spectacular views over two of Finland's most beautiful lakes in this one of a kind rotating panoramic fine dining restaurant.