Restaurant Näsinneula

Taking flavours to new heights!

Our Story

Restaurant Näsinneula, located 124 meters above Tampere, Finland, is the highest place you can dine in the Nordic countries. Whilst dining you can enjoy spectacular views over two of Finland's most beautiful lakes in this one of a kind rotating panoramic fine dining restaurant. Menus are updated several times a year according to season. In the springtime, you can enjoy asparragus and morrel, and usually by Mothers Day, in early May, we get our first strawberries from a local farm. In autumn, fresh crayfish, and in wintertime, delicious game and other seasonal products, such as vendace roe from lake Näsijärvi, fill our plates. As well as the excellent food, Restaurant Näsinneula's superb atmosphere and our friendly staff will make your visit a truly memorable one.

Lunch Menu

Restaurant Näsinneula´s  Lunch Menu is served Mon-Fri from 11 AM to 4 PM. All allergies and special diets will be taken into consideration. Price for the Lunch Menu is 38 €.

Opening Hours

Mon 11 AM - 9 PM Tue-Sat 11 AM - 12 PM Sun 12 AM - 9 PM

Sales and table reservations

Call us at +358 (0) 207 130 234or email us at ravintola.nasinneula@sarkanniemi.fi. For international groups, check here. Ravintola Näsinneula, logo

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