Summer Cafés

Coffee, tea and delicious coffee shop treats melt in your mouth!

In the summertime, there are several cafés in the Särkänniemi amusement park area. They serve many kinds of pastries and sandwiches, waffles that melt in you mouth and hot and cold refreshments.

Voffelikahvila Café

If you need a break from all the excitement, have a cup of coffee and relax. Voffelikahvila Café is located at the centre of Pelitori Game Square. We sell speciality coffees, drinks, sandwiches and tasty buns. Our delicious waffles are fried on site and served with seasonal fillings of your liking. We recommend the ones with fresh strawberries!

Torikahvila Café

Torikahvila Café is located in the Pelitori Games Square area. Our selection includes speciality coffees, refreshments, smoothies as well as sweet and savoury pastries.

Von Guggelböö Café

Von Guggelböö Café is located in Doghill Fairytale Farm. This lovely café serves the town’s sweetest treats and tastiest savoury pastries. Try our creamy traditional Finnish salmon soup and enjoy afternoon tea, thirst-quenching soft drinks and ice cream at our lovely sun terrace. Would the young gentleman prefer a piece of chocolate cake? For the lady, we absolutely recommend a Runeberg tart!

Kahvila von Guggelböö, Koiramäki


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