Creepy Carnival

Creepy Carnival is celebrated during the schools' autumn break week in October 2018.

Creepy Carnival is celebrated during the schools' autumn break week in October 2018. More information and the programme for 2018's Creepy Carnival will be announced later.

Särkänniemi welcomes everybody to take a thrill ride through the amusement park in October! Come and enjoy the rides and colourful carnival atmosphere of Särkänniemi with a scary twist! Just when you thought our roller coaster, Hype, was the most frightening thing about Särkänniemi, here comes Creepy Carnival!


Take a Look at Creepy Carnival's Theme Areas Back in 2017

This colourful event has something for all! During Creepy Carnival, the amusement park is divided into different theme areas. Some are suited for the whole family and contain only mild excitement, friendly skeletons and fun activities such as trick-or-treating and face painting. But be careful not to enter some areas or you might end up face-to-face with an army of zombies and other horrible creatures of the night!

Trick or treat -packages are available from ticketing and Park Shop for little ghosts and ghouls! The 7 € package includes the Devilish Duck Pond game and multiple places for candy collecting.

During the Creepy Carnival, entrance to Särkänniemi Theme Park is located at the lower gate. All the rides operating during Creepy Carnival, weather conditions permitting, are listed below. Pay in mind that some areas have blinking lights that might cause an epileptic seizure.

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Excitement for the Whole Family

Twisted Tivoli

Welcome to Twisted Tivoli, where you can experience a magnificent circus atmosphere with a twist! The whole family will enjoy spectacular performances by acrobats, jugglers and the one-of-a-kind Fire Lady.

Rides: Tornado, Truck Race

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Both families and teenagers enjoy spending time at the Skelenaario area, where you will encounter only mild excitement with cute skeletons and spiders. Skelenaario is a real gamer's paradise! You can play numerous carnival and arcade games where Lady Luck’s favour and an accurate throwing arm decide the end result. You can test your skills by beating moles to your heart’s content in a game of Whack-a-mole or grab a sure prize in String Pull. Carnival game price is 3 €/game. You can also buy a Game Package, which includes 5 carnival games for the price of 10 €.

Rides: Candy Carousel, Coffee Cups, Ladybird, Piggy Train

Día de los Muertos

Have you ever visited South America? Now you can do so in Särkänniemi's very own Angry Birds Land! Día de los Muertos theme area consists of colourful Day of the Dead celebrations, exotic dance shows and fun rides for the whole family. You can even make your own calavera mask! But what happened to yellow rubber ducklings in the Duck Pond? Now they are devilish red!

Rides: Angry Birds Ride, Crazy Bus, Kantti X Kantti, Lighthouse, Magic Bikes, Mushroom Race, Red Baron, Regatta, Rockin' Tug, Whirley Worm

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For Thrill-seekers

Zombie Zone

A disastrous nuclear war has wiped out most of humanity. During the war, a new kind of doom's day weapon, a nerve gas, was accidentally developed. The gas has turned it's victims into brain-thirsty zombies. Besides getting in contact with the gas, the disease is easily spread through zombie bites. Few survivors, who have not yet been exposed to the deadly disease, live and hide in abandoned buildings, sewers and shelters. Most of the time, the zombies are slow in their moves, but at night, the disease makes them more active and faster...

Apocalypse Särkänniemi? Horrible zombies roam the pavements of Zombie Zone, areas previously known as Highway and Hype Square. At daytime, even scaredy-cats may have the courage to enter family rides, such as Troika and Surge, but at night, the area is a no-go zone for everyone not in the mood for a zombie attack. Which one do you fear the most: the undead or the new roller coaster Hype?

Zombie Zone is not recommended for visitors under the age of 15 during the zombie attacks. Please, do not touch the zombies!

Rides: High Voltage, Hype, Surge, TakeOff, Troika, X

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Tickets to Creepy Carnival Available in Summer 2018

Creepy Carnival Wrisband

Creepy Carnival Wristband includes admission to the Creepy Carnival area as well as all the creepy attractions (Aquarium, Planetarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower) and rides (there are some safety restrictions) in the carnival area for one day.

Creepy Carnival Entrance Ticket

Creepy Carnival Entrance Ticket includes single admission to the Creepy Carnival. For the rides or attractions you need single tickets or the Creepy Carnival Wristband.

Discounts for Groups

Are you looking for a whole new way to thank your employees or associates? Would you like to spend a fun and exciting day with you team, classmates or co-workers? Discount tickets to Creepy Carnival are available for groups over 20 people. Our sales service is happy to answer your inquiries, book your reservation and help plan your day in Särkänniemi.

Särkänniemi sales service
Open Mon–Fri from 8:30AM to 4PM
Phone: +358 (0)207 130 212
E-mail: myyntipalvelu(a)sarkanniemi.fi

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