This roller coaster is a true classic!
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Ride information
Top speed 75 km/h
Capacity 1000 ppl/h
Ride time 100+40 s
Highest point 25 m
Track lenght 700 m
Wheelchair access Yes
Minimum height limit 140 cm

Tornado is only for the bravest and wildest of people! The ride has been a true classic of Särkänniemi since it was opened in 2001. Tornado will make your head spin at a top speed of 75 kilometers per hour and each ride takes about 40 seconds leaving out the first lift to the top. Are you ready for the roller coaster ride of your life?

Tornado is wheelchair accessible. Mobility-impaired visitors need a carer or assistant to help them onto the roller coaster. If you are pregnant or have a cardiac or musculo-sceletal disorder, we strongly recommend you do not take this ride. Safety barriers may restrict access for larger people.

Edellinen Seuraava